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Iron Horse Terminals Beaumont Yard is looking for individuals who are motivated and looking to take on a variety of roles at this facility. 




Train Crew - Train crewmen will be trained on a variety of jobs including conductor, engineer, and switchman. The train crewman will be expected to coordinate and control train movements while switching the rail yard in a safe and efficient manner.

Cleaning Tech - Cleaning Techs will work in interior railcar cleaning and will need to have a basic understanding of process operations, be willing to work in tight spaces, and be able to follow stringent cleaning procedures. 

Rail Car Repair and Maintenance - Rail Car Repair and Maintenance will need to be able to follow safety procedures, execute mechanical repairs on rail equipment, know how to use basic tools, and preferably have prior experience in a machine shop or rail shop environment. Paint, Lining, Welding, and Repairman positions available.

Other Positions - We are constantly looking for qualified individuals. Please apply below if you think you would be a good fit for our team and specify the position you are applying for. We are currently looking for qualified EH&S and management.




- Report to work as called on a 24-hour schedule
- Work safely to prevent on the job accidents and injuries
- Wear required protective equipment such 
as: hard hats, hearing protection, safety-toe boots or safety glasses
- Work hours may include a nonstandard workweek, overtime, and various shift work
- Perform other duties and projects as assigned

- Be prepared to work in an outdoor environment and perform duties in variable weather conditions.




- High school education/GED
- Aptitude in the Transportation or Mechanical field and demonstrated desire to learn
- Demonstrate exceptional sound judgment when complying and interpreting rules

- Pass job and health-related examinations including operating rules examination, drug test, vision, and hearing test
- Basic computer skills including Microsoft Office Suite
- Effectively communicate and demonstrate interpersonal skills with all levels of 
employees and business associates in a clear concise and professional manner
- Demonstrate problem-solving
 and troubleshooting skills resulting in effective resolution on routinely programmed work
- Professional integrity and accountability
- Work in a 
fast-paced collaborative environment

Experienced and inexperienced applicants will be considered.

Apply Here

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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