Iron Horse Terminals Beaumont Yard is looking for individuals who are motivated and looking to take on a variety of roles at this facility. Train crewmen will be trained on a variety of jobs including conductor, engineer, and switchman. The train crewman will be expected to coordinate and control train movements while switching the rail yard in a safe and efficient manner. Duties will include train movements as either conductor or engineer, switching, inspecting, coupling and uncoupling cars, and maintaining equipment as necessary. This position is a manual labor position which requires that the individual become proficient in the following skills, duties, and requirements within a prescribed training and introductory period.





- Ensure compliance with all railroad rules and regulations for safety, operation and the FRA
- Operate track switches, inspect equipment on cars and use radio communications to control train movement
- Move trains safely in the yards and over the road
- Couple and uncouple cars, operate switches, and make minor repairs to railcars
- Maintain awareness of the surrounding area and suspicious activity to ensure rail safety
- Review instructions from Trainmaster and discuss with crew members to coordinate execution of railcar switch list in a safe and efficient manner
- Communicate with other parties in 
yard setting using proper hand signals and/or radio communication protocol




- Report to work as called on a 24-hour schedule
- Work safely to prevent on the job accidents and injuries
- Wear required protective equipment such 
as: hard hats, hearing protection, safety-toe boots or safety glasses
- Work hours may include a nonstandard workweek, overtime, and various shift work
- Perform other duties and projects as assigned




- High school education/GED
- Aptitude in the Transportation field and demonstrated desire to learn
- Demonstrate exceptional sound judgment when complying and interpreting railroad rules, regulations and instructions and complying with FRA.

- Pass job and health-related examinations including: operating rules examination, vision and hearing test
- Basic computer skills including Microsoft Office Suite
- Effectively communicate and demonstrate interpersonal skills with all level of 
employees and business associates in a clear concise and professional manner
- Demonstrate problem-solving
 and troubleshooting skills resulting in effective resolution on routinely programmed work
- Professional integrity and accountability
- Work in 
fast-paced collaborative environment



Experienced and inexperienced applicants will be considered.



Please apply by sending your resume and a brief introduction to: